About Us

Cubyss is a communications agency which specializes in writing, editing, and content creation. Shaped by the vision of Cubism, a 20th century, revolutionary art movement, Cubyss is built on creativity, exploration, and efficiency. Our work at Cubyss is about enhancing the message of our clients, so whether you are a business owner, a creative writer, an artist, or a student, we have high-quality services that will help you along your journey. 

At Cubyss, our mission is to provide the highest quality of writing and editorial services to our clients. We believe passionately in the power of effective written communication to inform, persuade, circulate compelling ideas, and connect with people. Enhancing our clients' messages will, therefore, always be our priority. 

Cubyss will consistently provide excellent service for our clients' personal and professional communication needs while continuously improving to be a premier international communications firm.

We are:
  • Quality-oriented
  • Client-focussed 
  • Ethical
  • Visionary
  • Creative
  • Efficient
  • Effective
  • Supportive

Racquel Griffith

About the CEO

Cubyss was founded in Barbados by Racquel Griffith, writer, editor, and freelance journalist. Racquel holds a B.A in Literature and a M. Phil in International Relations with five years of writing and communications experience. She has worked at publishing companies which publish online content, books, newspapers, and magazines. Throughout her writing career, Racquel has worked on: academic papers, magazine articles, newspaper features and stories, blog posts, social media content, and books. 

Outside of her writing experience, she has also had several opportunities to be on the organizing committees for various literary and creative events in Barbados and China. Passionate about helping academics, creatives, and small businesses to grow, Racquel’s consultations are a combined approach of creativity and a knowledge of communications, media, and academia.