Frustrated while editing

Do You Really Need An Editor?

The answer is 100% yes. Now, let's get into the 'why'.

Even the best writers in the world need editors. Hiring an editor does not subtract from your writing skills; instead, it gives your work a fresh, objective pair of eyes which is necessary for that professional edge you may desire.

Let’s say you’re not the best at writing but you write ‘ok’. You even use some of the many resources available to you online; you have spell-check on when you’re writing, you apply popular grammar correction apps, but yet your documents don't flow smoothly. They may contain gaps and clarity issues, and this is because editing is way more than just correcting grammar and punctuation. Editing is also about having a clear structure, good content, easy flow and readability, a suitable tone, and in many cases a consistent voice.

There is more to editing than you may have thought, and we want to make sure that you don’t overlook the editing process in the future. Whether you are writing a book, online content, an academic paper, or a business document, you can benefit from having an editor. Here are three main reasons why:


  1. You want your writing to be polished, clear, and coherent. Even the best writers find it difficult to identify all the errors in their own work. Your thoughts, arguments, or points need to be expressed clearly, logically, and concisely. The last thing you want is for your finished document to be hard to follow and hard to read. An editor comes to the table with fresh eyes and objectivity to see overlooked errors and to provide solutions to any issues of clarity.


  1. You want your content to be appealing to the reader. Readers like to read documents and content that are easy on the eyes instead of bulky text with little structure. That first glance at your writing will inevitably set the tone for the reading process. Not only is the design of the document important, even more important is the content. Having a good layout and poor content will make you lose your reader quickly. An editor can help you figure out if your content will appeal to your audience or not; if it doesn’t, an editor will provide the guidance you need to engage your reader.


  1. You want to save and maximize your time. Let’s face it, editing is very time-consuming. Many of us edit while we write, we edit after we’ve finished the draft, and we continue to edit a good few more times after that. While it’s good to edit your own work, a writer gets to a point where he or she can benefit from a new pair of eyes and a mind that has not recycled the document about ten times. Instead of continuously re-editing, it would be beneficial to give your work to an editor who is time-efficient and can work on your document while you use that time to tackle other tasks.


The bottom line is the editing process is crucial to good writing. Don’t skip it, don’t take it for granted, don’t underestimate it. Your writing is a reflection of you, your brand, your business, your craft. Your reader can tell how much you have invested in your writing by its editing.

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